Gunner: The Hacker’s Code, Novella

Funner: The Hacker's Code, an Anathergians Novella, by Michelle C Reilly

An Anathergians Novella

Gunner: The Hacker’s Code is a sci-fi/paranormal suspense with romance elements centered in Las Vegas.

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Gunner: The Hacker's Code, An Anathergians Novella


It’s a Fight Against the Sins of Sin City

Gunner is an immortal Anathergian warrior sworn to protect the humans of the world his race adopted thousands of years ago. He’s also a genius when it comes to computers.

When fellow hacker Nay tells Gunner her sister disappeared, he volunteers to help find her.
What at first appears to be a kidnapping turns out to be a small part in a much larger Las Vegas crime ring. Danger haunts them at every turn and the situation gets deep—as does Gunner and Nay’s relationship.

Together, they’re pulled in to the human trafficking network where Gunner fights to not only save Nay and her sister, but many others caught up in the nightmare of being forced to sell their bodies for sex.