I’m very happy to announce that SAVAGE WINDS, the first book in the Savage Times trilogy, is now available for pre-order! The release date is February 28th!

Marine biologist and mobster daughter Ana is enjoying spending some free time wtih her uncle in the Bermuda Triangle when she’s thrust back in time where pirates, pillaging, and war are an everyday affair. Captain Jacen Stirling is on his way to infiltrate notorious privateer/pirate Jean Lafitte’s inner circle when he comes upon Ana floating in the ocean. He’e enthralled by her, but isn’t so sure about her sanity when she tells him she’s from the future. Despite all of the obstacles in their way, they fall for each other. But can their love withstand the savage winds of time?

Pre-order SAVAGE WINDS at the following links:


Savage Winds by Michelle C Reilly