It’s finally here! ROYALS, the third book of Anathergians Trilogy, is ready for you to order! Get it on Amazon here!

This book is the culmination of the Anathergians Trilogy. Auden and Leah must team up together to go up against Travik and prevent the imminent strike by the Zonatair in their quest to destroy Earth. But Travik won’t give in easily, and the Lifemates have no clue just how very powerful he is or how far he’ll go to get what he wants.

Together They Can Prevent the Destruction of the World


Variants, humans whose altered DNA turn them into blood ravaging killers, are attacking en masse around the world. Their leader, Travik, is gathering a force from space to kill every last human.

Auden, immortal king of the Anathergians, has the fate of the world in his hands. His hold is slipping as the threats multiply each day.

Then there’s Auden’s Lifemate, Leah, whom he loves above all others. He struggles to do what he can to ensure her safety while also protecting her from herself.


J’ashidah, the Anathergian gathering, is upon them. There Leah will be introduced to thousands of her people and crowned as the Anathergian queen.

But Leah wants nothing more than to use her newfound Anathergian strength, along with her witch powers, to remove the threat of the Variants and their leader. It doesn’t matter that the villain is her father. She’s had enough of his continual harassment and attacks, especially to those she loves. She will do whatever it takes, including lies and deception, to end this threat.


Travik, one of the last living Anathergian royals, wants to take Auden’s place with his daughter at his side. He will destroy everything, including every precious life on this world, to get what he wants, no matter the cost. First, however, he must convince Leah to agree with his way of thinking. And if she doesn’t… Well, he has no problem hurting, maiming, or killing those she cares for.

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