A few years ago, when I sat down trying to decide what story I was going to write first, I went with the one that was screaming at me the loudest. That is the story of the Anathergians. And, jeez, does Leah know how to scream. Talk about stubborn…

Now that the trilogy is complete, I have to look at what’s next.

There are a few things I can tell you regarding the Anathergians Saga.  Mainly what’s new and upcoming for it:

  • Next I will begin on Ceadan’s story, which will be Young Adult (YA), however a bit racy. For anyone who’s read my books, they know Ceadan is a bit grown up for being a young guy. Life’s been a little rough for him.
  • I will write novels regarding other Anathergians. Within ROYALS, you will meet a lot of new characters. There are many others, as well, you have yet to meet. I plan on continuing over the years to write their stories. Not all Anathergians are warriors, mind you. But all of them have powers and are super intelligent.

So, what’s old, you ask?

The other story that wanted to come out was one I started many… many years ago… It’s a time travel romance. I wrote the first few chapters long before I really knew how to write (imho). Imagine my surprise when I let a few friends read those chapters and they continued to pester me for years afterward for the rest of it. It’s a little late, but I’ve decided to write this story at the same time I do Ceadan’s. The style will be different. It is a different genre, after all. But it’s going to be good. Really good. I already have two awesome cover models lined up for it. I have some special plans for it, so you’re not going to see it right away. When you do, you’ll know it was worth the wait.

And that’s about it for now. So, excuse me while I go do research and hide in my make believe hole while in my make believe world.