My latest Anathergians novella, Gunner: The Hacker’s Code, will be released on February 7, 2015.

Gunner, an Anathergian warrior and IT guru, is a man after my own heart. Of course, he’s a bit of a geek like myself, but he has an underlying and very well hidden edge about him that just… gets to me.

This story is both endearing and engrossing as Gunner helps his friend to find her kidnapped sister. I really think you’ll enjoy it!

Here’s the blurb:

It’s a Fight Against the Sins of Sin City


Gunner is an immortal Anathergian warrior sworn to protect the humans of the world his race adopted thousands of years ago. He’s also a genius when it comes to computers.


When fellow hacker Nay tells Gunner her sister disappeared, he volunteers to help find her.
What at first appears to be a kidnapping turns out to be a small part in a much larger Las Vegas crime ring. Danger haunts them at every turn and the situation gets deep—as does Gunner and Nay’s relationship.


Together, they’re pulled in to the human trafficking network where Gunner fights to not only save Nay and her sister, but many others caught up in the nightmare of being forced to sell their bodies for sex.

Here’s an excerpt:

Gunner pushed the door open a few more inches and squeezed through the opening. On tiptoes, he eased his way to the person sitting on the floor whose back faced him. He stopped for a moment to admire the work displayed on the monitor.

Speaking of geniuses.

If he didn’t know better, he’d think this one was Anathergian. But, alas, no…

Gunner bit his lip to hold down the laugh trying to make its way past his throat. He leaned over and gripped the narrow shoulders hunched over the machine.

A piercing scream made his eyes water, and he jumped backward as the headphones flew through the air at him.

“Crap, Gunner!” the girl yelled, facing him. “What the fuck are you trying to do?”

Gunner tried to hold back his laugh, but it sneaked past his compressed lips, and came out as a full guffaw. “Sorry, Nay, I just couldn’t resist.”

Nadine lifted her black rimmed glasses onto the top of her head, pushing back her wispy chestnut bangs in the process. She only used the glasses when she worked on a computer, which was most of the time. “You are such a loser, sometimes, you know?”

Gunner shrugged and wondered if he should answer. Deciding he didn’t want to piss her off any more than she already was, he changed the subject. “So, where is everyone?”

“Hackathon over at the Sting.” She leaned over to pick up her headphones.

“Oh, that’s right. It’s that time of the month.”

Her gently arched eyebrows raised, and she gave him a studied glance.

“Uh, not that time of the month,” he stammered. “I meant… Well, you know, that time of the month for the hackathon.”

Nay shook her head and turned back to her computer. “Seriously, dude, you need help.”

Gunner slipped his hands into his jeans pockets. Nay was one of the few girls that lived in the house, and he sometimes forgot she was female, because she didn’t always act super feminine. Not that she didn’t look like a girl. In fact, far from it. Nay was most definitely a woman. She was tiny. Probably more than half a foot shorter than his six foot two inch frame. Her brown hair, cut in layers, swept around her pixie face, framing her wide green eyes. Beneath her slightly upturned nose were full lips, which she often chewed on while coding. She had a small waist that flared out around rounded hips. Her breasts were often covered with a sports bra. Gunner assumed she wore it to hide how well-endowed she really was from the rest of the guys, himself included.

Nadine settled back in front of her laptop and placed her glasses back on her pert nose. He took a seat on the floor next to her. “So, what are you working on?”

She shook her head as she sent her quick fingers over the keys, closing out programs. Gunner squinted at her. The dim light from the monitor showed discoloration beneath her eyes and chapped lips of someone seriously dehydrated.

“What’s going on, Nay?”

She cast a quick glance at him. “Nothing.” Nay opened a clean browser and went to a popular hacker’s site.
Gunner inched out with his senses, sniffing for whatever she was trying to hide. Grief, horror, and fear bombarded him. He tried to hold on tight to the reigns of his power to protect himself from the blast, but the overwhelming sensations made him choke.

Nay’s brow crinkled. “You okay?”

He nodded, trying to catch his breath. “What in the hell…” he wheezed, “is going on with you?”


Nay considered the man, wondering if she could trust him. His russet eyes still watered from choking, and his backward Texas baseball cap had gone askew. If she had met him on the street, she probably wouldn’t go near him with a ten foot pole. Not that he appeared the dangerous type. Well, scratch that. He didn’t appear dangerous, but he definitely exuded danger. Somehow, she knew the broad chested, tall man would definitely be able to handle himself in a fight. However, he didn’t give off the kind of vibes declaring himself as a danger to females.

He was also the most absolute master coder she’d seen. Ever. He was like E.F. Hutton. Except, instead of when he spoke, it was when he coded; everyone gathered around and watched. It was a thing of beauty. And he didn’t do it often. So, when he did, it was the talk of the house for weeks.

Nadine bit her lip, weighing the pros and cons, knowing if she involved anyone, it could mean death.

Maybe… Just maybe… He can help.

She pulled in a gulp of air, her heart hammering hard against her chest wall. She’d been warned not to say anything. To not take matters into her own hands. But she was going crazy and needed to do something… Anything. “If I tell you something, I need you to not tell anyone. Not one person. Do you understand?”

His full lips quirked, and he glanced past her before meeting her gaze. “What, did you finally make Charlie’s dreams come true and sleep with him?”

Nay gaped. “Seriously? Here I am trying to tell you something serious, and you—”

“Well, I mean, he’s had a crush on your for, like, ever. I just thought maybe you’d—”

“My sister was taken.”

Gunner stilled. And there it was. That dangerous undercurrent she’d always suspected was there. Like a dog who was so sweet, but if his owner was pushed around, the dog’s jaws would lock down tight around the threat’s neck and not let go until the life was squeezed out of the perpetrator.