This past Labor Day weekend meant I had an extra day to get some writing done. And, boy, did I ever write! I’ve made it past my midway point with WITCHES, Book Two in the Anathergians Trilogy. I’m one of the lucky people who can put out a lot of words. But I also work – two jobs. So, sometimes time can be a hard thing to come by.

Next week, I have a surgical procedure scheduled. Nothing big. But it means I have an entire week to write – no work to get in the way. It’s very possible I can hopefully finish the first draft of my book (*fingers crossed*). The first draft means just that: a first draft. After I’m done with it, I have to go back over the entire thing to edit and add or take away. Once I do that, and if I feel like it’s good enough, I can send it to my editor.

One of the things that gets in my way of writing is research. I happen to be a research junkie. And, as you can tell by the title of this book, it does require some research. I’ve been learning a lot and trying to determine what I will and will not use.

I know a lot of you are waiting on WITCHES. In the meantime, I’ve finished my novella and it is currently with the editor.

I plan on giving a few announcements about the novella in my newsletter. So, if you want to be the first to know about it, then make sure to sign up here.

Other things I have in the works: This week I hope to have VARIANTS available on other platforms. It is currently only with Amazon for Kindle and Createspace for paperback. So, I’m going to start looking at my other options this week. I’ll make sure to give a shout out when that happens.

I’ve been getting a lot of great feedback from you readers. And I always love feedback. The more I get, the more I learn, and the better I’ll write and give you what you want: more books. So, don’t be afraid to contact me via this website or my Facebook.

I want to thank everyone for their awesome reviews. Each and every review makes my heart skip and they always give me a huge smile.

Until next time…

Allow nothing to stand between you and the stars.