It’s Tuesday, so I’m going to give you a bit of a tease. It’s part of a scene from VARIANTS, book one of the Anathergians Trilogy.

Though Auden is a king, is immortal, and the strongest of his kind, he really doesn’t know how to handle Leah.

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She wore the black exercise outfit, and he admired how it outlined her thighs and the curve of her behind. He recalled running his hands along those hills and valleys, the sounds of her throaty moans, the taste of her. The increasing girth in his pants made him shift as he watched her take another shot and miss her target.

She growled in frustration, and gazed around the room. When she found him, the blast of livid heat he sensed made him suck in a quick breath. With a shock, he realized she sensed what he had been feeling. He wasn’t sure if he should be chagrined or turned on by that fact.

Leah put the gun on the counter in front of her and walked with purposeful strides over to him. “I knew that was you,” she said in a loud whisper, her face flushed. “Will you please stop thinking about that night?”

He balked for a moment, unsure how to respond, except with the truth. “How am I supposed to not think about one of best nights of my life?”