Each Tuesday I’m going to try to bring you a quote from my published book (currently VARIANTS) or the current book I’m working on (currently WITCHES). So, you’ll have to keep watch to see what I post. Depending on how busy I am, it may not happen. But I will try my hardest.

Today I have a quote from VARIANTS, Book One in the ANATHERGIANS Trilogy. Get it on Amazon here. And don’t forget about my Giveaway on Goodreads!

A woman’s voice cried out and echoed against the two tall parking garages on his left. Power rushed through his veins and he was at the spot in an instant.

Five Variants stood about fifty yards from him. The largest held Leah against him with a knife at her throat. Fear skidded through his chest.

Her eyes glowed pure silver, shot through with shards of the brightest blue diamond. The beginnings of a Designation shone like drops of mercury on the left side of her neck, right above the knife. Fuck! She’s started V’nurch.

No wonder the Variants found her. He opened his senses and the pheromones she was shedding sent a punch to his gut. It was the siren call of an Anathergian going through V’nurch, and it called to him, like a cat in heat.