Yesterday I received my proof copies of the print version of VARIANTS!


The Kindle version, which you can find on Amazon here, has been out for four whole days! To celebrate these two facts, I thought I’d give you a quote from the book and a giveaway!

Here’s the quote:

He stood inside the entrance as the doors closed behind him. His gaze was drawn to a slim calf covered in black denim hanging over the arm of a wing back chair facing the desk. A black Converse shoe bounced up and down. Then a dark head with gray eyes peeked at him from around the edge of the chair. The girl’s near-black straight hair was cut at an angle where it touched the tip of her chin on one side of her heart shaped face and ended at mid ear on the other side.

He took a step forward, ready to reach for her. It was an instinctive reaction and one he had never done before. He held himself still.

His insides sang to the tune of another like him. Oh, yes, she is most definitely of Anathergian blood.

With reddened cheeks, she twisted away.

Marla reached her desk. Glancing from Auden to Leah, she gestured toward the girl. “Auden, please meet Leah.”

The girl gave a halfhearted wave at him from beyond the chair.

Here’s the info on the giveaway:

Whoever tweets this post first will receive an autographed copy of one of my proofs!  Click the Twitter icon below to tweet this post and make sure to tag me (@michellecreilly) in the tweet so I’ll know you tweeted.

Thanks and good luck!